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by Bob Duffy 30. June 2010 23:30

Ok, bummer. My old blog site at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/boduff/ is no more now that I am no longer a Microsoft badge holder and *.microsoft.com email owner. Minor sore point in that Carmel is now a MS badge holder so has to sign me in and hold my hand when we into MS for meetings.

Thanks to Paul Randal and local sql folk for giving me lots of hints to sort a blog out. Kudos as well to Danny, for the hard work in setting up the blog engine, server, etc etc

Down to business. I have been lucky enough to have been engaged with Microsoft Consulting Services on some really nice PowerPivot Projects.  It is soooo nice to cut me teeth on some live projects after spending like nearly a year touring talking about it and messing around.

So I am going to blog about some of the challenges and fun we have had over the next few weeks. Of particular interest is solving common business problems like weighted averages, dynamic many to many currency conversion and solving the architectural question of should I use PowerPivot or should I use Traditional Analysis Services.

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